The current Republican leadership won’t cut the military budget or make corporations and the really rich pay their fair share of taxes (or, in some cases any taxes at all!) but they demand deep budget cuts that would pretty much eviscerate programs that help the disadvantaged in this country.

The only way I can begin to understand the thinking behind the Republican strategy is by reminding myself of what Naomi Klein writes in her book, “Shock Doctrine.” I read it right after Hurricane Katrina shattered New Orleans and the Bush administration wasn’t trying to really help that city. By happenstance, I picked up Klein’s book in an airport in Europe, started reading it on the plane home and couldn’t put it down. Ah ha!!! Suddenly the whole right wing approach, not just to New Orleans, but to Iraq, Sri Lanka (post Tsunami), to new, privately incorporated cities that had started springing up around Atlanta, depriving that city of much needed taxes, suddenly made sense. Privatize everything (this is already happening!) No more safety nets or opportunities for the poor. Let the poor and lower middle class be damned. But Green Zones of affluence, comfort and safety will be privately supported.

We cannot let this happen. The American Dream must prevail.

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